Knowing what resources and services are available and being able to access and utilize them can be a challenge for anyone facing breast cancer. A unique service of the Lourdes Women's Center is the Nurse Navigator. She serves as a personal navigator, acting as liaison to enhance the quality and continuity of care for breast cancer patients.
The nurse navigator’s services are provided free of charge by Lourdes Women's Center and include:
  • Helps patients and their families understand treatment options and what their diagnosis means.
  • Assists breast cancer patients with accessing appointments and resources in the community.
  • Refers patients to appropriate resources and professionals.
  • Provides consultation to physicians and other health care providers regarding resources and services available to breast cancer patients.
  • Provides consultation to breast cancer patients and their families to assess and determine personal needs and concerns.
  • Maintains communication with breast cancer patients to check progress through the course of their experience to help assure their needs are being met.
  • Insures that important support needs are met—for example connects patient to cancer counselors, peer support and groups.
  • Makes spiritual referral as appropriate.
  • Educates patients about resources available to them.
  • Assists patients in searching for online information as well as maintains a library of education information.
  • Provides advocacy as needed regarding insurance and financial issues.
To make an appointment call Lourdes Women's Center at (270) 538-5867.

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