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Specialty Clinics

Children who need specialized care or require consultation with a pediatric specialist for a specific problem or condition will find the services they need in St. Rita’s Pediatric Specialty Services. The region’s leader in pediatric services, St. Rita’s Pediatric Specialty Services brings board certified pediatric specialists to St. Rita’s for the convenience of our patients where they can take advantage of having their appointment in the familiar surroundings of St. Rita’s Medical Center.

When a specific problem with an area of the body is detected, pediatric patients are often referred to a specialist for additional testing and evaluation. These tests provide specialists with the necessary information to accurately determine a diagnosis and establish a course of treatment. In most cases, any tests or simple procedures required can be completed the same day at St. Rita’s Medical Center. Patients continue to have follow-up appointments in Specialty Services as directed by their physician.

When your pediatrician or primary care physician determines that your child is in need of the expertise of a pediatric specialist, they will work to establish an appointment for you. You will continue to see your pediatrician or primary care physician for regular check-ups and general health concerns; however the pediatric specialist will consult with you only on a specific problem or condition.

Board certified pediatricians who have continued their medical education to include a particular area of emphasis, for example cardiology, provide all services offered in St. Rita’s Pediatric Specialty Services. These physicians are dedicated to working with children as pediatricians, and also specialize in a specific area.

St. Rita’s offers a complete list of specialty services for pediatrics including:
  • Cardiology
  • Comprehensive Services
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Hematology
  • Neonatology
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Pulmonology


Cardiology is concerned with the functioning and diseases of the heart. Specialists treating patients at St. Rita’s are board certified in pediatric cardiology.


Children who have developmental and/or speech difficulties and/or delays in the development of their motor skills may be referred for evaluation in the comprehensive clinic. Patients generally have a number of laboratory tests completed. Using these results, the physician determines a course of treatment and continues to see the patient for follow-up and evaluation.


St. Rita’s Medical Center staffs a pediatric endocrinologist who treats patients with the following conditions:

Type 1 Diabetes

Children who have been diagnosed with diabetes are referred for further education and evaluation in the Diabetic Clinic. Patients are divided into groups by age and come to the clinic every three months. During each visit, children have group sessions with a dietician or diabetic instructor. Instructors work with children to educate them on their disease, proper nutrition and eating habits as well as managing their condition with insulin and/or medication.

Type 2 Diabetes

With the growing problem of obesity in young children, St. Rita’s offers a personalized program with the assistance of a licensed dietician and diabetic instructor to help meet the medical and nutritional needs of the patient. Children are also examined by the physician to evaluate their response to medications and/or insulin, check their weight and answer questions.


Pediatric patients experiencing difficulty with growing appropriately are evaluated and tested in the Growth Clinic. When necessary, patients and their families are instructed on how to administer growth hormone injections. Patients with a hormone deficiency are seen by the pediatrician every three months with additional testing completed each year.

Precocious Puberty

Patients who exhibit early signs and symptoms of puberty are evaluated in this clinic. Following appropriate testing and evaluation, patients are given injections to suppress and reverse the symptoms. Every three months, patients are evaluated to monitor their progress. Additional testing is administered at various times to determine if medication changes are needed.

Thyroid Service

Pediatric patients who are suspected to have overactive thyroid glands are evaluated, tested and receive appropriate follow-up and treatment through this service.


Gastroenterology (GI) involves disorders of the digestive system and proper nutrition for growth and development in children. A licensed dietician is also available to assist with any nutrition problems the patient may have or to provide nutrition counseling if necessary.


Hematology is concerned with conditions and diseases of the blood. St. Rita’s Medical Center staffs an experienced, board certified medical doctor to monitor these conditions in pediatric patients. Please note, this service is located in the 830 Professional Building of St. Rita’s Medical Center and appointments can be scheduled by calling (888) 442-4453.


Infants who have been patients in the special care nursery, who were born at 33 to 34 weeks gestation or less, have low birth weight and/or a complicated history are evaluated by a neonatologist to ensure they are developing properly. Education is also provided for the parents concerning their child’s development and expectations up to a school age. St. Rita’s currently staffs two pediatric neonatologists.


Nephrology is concerned with conditions or problems with the kidneys. Our staff is board certified in pediatric nephrology. Appointments can be scheduled by calling (800) 228-4055.


Neurology deals with the body’s functioning of the nervous system and diseases of the nervous system. Neurology specialists at St. Rita’s come to us with experience and board certifications. They work closely with patients suffering from nervous system disorders. Please note that this service is located in the 830 Professional Building at St. Rita’s and appointments can be scheduled by calling (800) 228-4055.


Pulmonology is concerned with the functioning and diseases of the lungs, such as asthma, reactive airway disease and cystic fibrosis among others. Our staff is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric Pulmonology.
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All physicians at St. Rita’s Specialty Services are board certified. Many are specialized to offer quality care in their areas of emphasis.

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